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University Attended : London College of Excellence
Degree : ACCA ( Currently Studying )
Age : 21 years
Email Address : mithil_priyanka@hotmail.com  

Hi Everyone, 
I am Priyanka Makwana. I am in the UK with the best guidance & assistance of First Step Overseas. I am very thankful to the FSO staff in Ahmedabad. I am staying with the FSO representatives in UK and am very confortable with the members here. FSO provided services like admission, visa application, ticket, a free airport pick-up, accommodation & much more. They planned my entire trip & I felt very comfortable during the whole procedure. 
I would definitely recommend FSO to anyone who wants to study abroad.
University Attended : London College of Excellence
Degree : Masters in Business ( Currently Studying )
Job Post : Administrator ( LCE )
Age : 22 years
Email Address : anal_parikh@yahoo.com  

Hi everyone.
I have been living in UK for the past 2 years now. I am very happy to live with First Step Overseas. I feel like its a new family I have made here. You get proper food, dinner and environment , there is a computer with internet. It really is very nice, satisfying and homely. I am working as an administrator in college. My basic duties are to prepare the administrative work of the college, preparing admission letters, procedure for extension of student visa. I will always be happy to share my views with everyone. You can contact me to the above mentioned e-mail id.
Name : Vikrant Chatbar
University Attended : London Institute of Technolory
Degree : Masters in Information Technology ( Currently Studying )
Job Post : District Manager ( Southern Electrical )
Age : 21 years
Email Address : vikrant_3185@yahoo.co.in  

I am working as a district manager at southern electrical, which is one of the best electric supply companies based in UK.  It is rated as one of the top 40 in the London Stock Exchange (ftse). I am satisfied with my job and accommodation in London, which feels like home. As per with my view, living in First step Overseas.


University Attended : Brunel University
Job Post : Interior Designer
Age : 25 years
Email Address : sachin@yahoo.co.in  

We came to London without any arrangement of our stay, which was our main concern. But after we met FSO representatives it was no more a concern. We are happy with facility at FSO and the representatives. We are living in a very homely atmosphere which doesn't make us home sick. We have met people from all over India and of different ages and backgrounds who we consider family. FSO is home away from home and definitely a place to stay if you have no where to go.


University Attended : Liverpool Hope University
Degree : M.Sc. in Distributed Systems ( Information Technology )
Job Post : GIS Web Contract Developer ( Merton Council )
Age : 22 years
Email Address : me_in_liverpool@yahoo.com  

My personal view and opinion about this accommodation At First Step accommodation, you find yourself in totally homely atmosphere, where the members of this accommodation are ready to help you in every possible way. This place is good as you can share your feelings, your joys and sorrows with each and every member. All are there to help you and it feels like home away from home.. In terms of food you will find perfect Indian dishes with a good taste and sweetness of love served to each and every member of this accommodation.

About Myself I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I have completed my bachelors in computers and came to UK in the year of 2005 to pursue my masters in IT from Liverpool Hope University in Liverpool. I was in Liverpool for 9 months and later on I shifted to London for my research work and for better prospects where I met the members of First Step Overseas. Then I came to stay with them to be a part of their family. I have been staying with them for the past 4 months now and I find this place very peaceful which reminds me of the days in my home country. I am about to get my degree of M.Sc. in distributed systems ( M.Sc. IT) from Liverpool University this September and right now I am working with GIS ( Geographic Information Systems ) as a Web Contractor Developer with Merton Council in South East London. I have more to say about this accommodation in terms of its services. If you need any information or wish to ask any questions, please do so at my email address provided above.